It has been quite a week, a month, a year. All thanks to THE DRESS. The most recent event to celebrate is my feature for Craft and Culture's "Rad Gals" series! I love being called rad. I love being called a gal. Both retro yet modern. (Like THE DRESS. no?)

Craft & Culture enlisted photographer Elizabeth Rudge to document creative/inspiring women who embody the balance of hard/soft, classic/modern, beauty/brains that makes them desirable/untouchable, vulnerable/strong. Needless to say, WOW. THANK YOU.

Following the first Rad Gal in the series Ms. Theresa Crim is no joke. She is No.1 Cool Girl. Period. Described as a Natural Curator, Theresa's feature made me wonder WTF my moniker would be. Well, there you have it below. The Mover & Shaker. So true. I do not stop moving and I will shake down a good time with limited resources.

Anyone who knows me knows my soundtrack features a lot of hip-hop that applauds the underdog. A story I know well. Moving and shaking keeps a constant cast of characters in my orbit. Plus, I can't stop the hustle. 

Thanks to Elizabeth for stunning photos. To Kaija Mistral for making me look as great as I feel. And to Craft & Culture for making me rad. 

In honor of this feature, I designed an exclusive style of THE DRESS!

AP x Craft & Culture Limited Edition heather grey linen. The piece perfectly expresses the duality of the Seattle winter: grey, the constant color of the sky and Portuguese linen textile appropriate for a very necessary beach escape.  Get it while you can!