Is it Vintage?

Kate Moss

One of the many questions I get when wearing THE DRESS, "is it vintage?" The answer is kinda. As everyone knows by now, THE DRESS was inspired by a vintage dress my mother-in-law had made in the 1970s. I updated a few details and brought it into the 21st century. Voila. THE DRESS.

Which details? Better buttons, thinner neck line, adjustable neck and an inch shorter in the hem, addition of interfacing. The fabric was hard to improve upon. The Italians have always made great men's cotton shirting and the vintage fabric on the original dress is no exception.

To be clear, I do wear and own vintage dresses beyond THE DRESS. In fact, one might say I have a thing for vintage-style dresses. The lines, attention to detail and the rarity of fabric. A lot of my favorite dresses are from the 1980s and I swear they were knocked off from 1950s vintage dresses. The fabric of the drsses from the 80s is always a synthetic. While I still love the lines, what I really would love is to take these vintage dresses and re-make them with some of the incredible fabric I have sourced for THE DRESS. Hmmm. New collection? Just maybe.

My favorite vintage stores of the moment include:
London: William Vintage Ketchum, Idaho: Deja Vu (trust me) Online: Shrimpton Couture

Take your story and use it as an intro. In the blog post answer the question people ask/search for a ton. How to dress vintage? What makes a dress vintage? How to make a dress vintage?

It will be easy to get 700+ words if you imagine answering these questions for a fashion idiot like me. That will take a lot of explaining...

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