I got am email clear out of the blue one Friday morning this summer. "Are you available to shoot for Nordstrom this Sunday?" I finished my coffee before I responded certain there was a mistake. Once I got the blessing of my husband (Sunday being sacred and all), I replied, "Hell, yes!"

So I showed up to Nordstrom HQ at 10am having applied red lips and fully hydrated. The stylist and photographer first shot me in THE DRESS from Collection No. 1 in Black, a new favorite ivory NOMIA blazer from Totokaelo before I was asked to trade my duds for the latest from Designer. Don't mind if I do.

Although the Nordstrom website lists the crepe top as J. Brand I distinctly remember a label of a certain French fashion house that begins with an "L" and rhymes with "lawn vin" or such. The (TIGHT) black leather skirt *was* J Brand and the street-style inspired look can be found here. 

nordstrom april pride.png
nordstrom april pride

Yes, that is a furry knuckle clutch. Yes, I did drink the Coke.  

 photography by Jessica Carter