Shop Small pop up

As I mentioned in the previous post when I introduced Rachel Ravitch's metallics, this holiday is all about the pop-up. Especially in Seattle where we are staved for great shopping experieneces!

Today someone asked, "What is a pop-up?" In short, it is a short-term shopping destination. The concept first premiered when LA-based Vacant offered limited-edition pieces from vendors and when they sold out the store closed. After a few runs of the pop-up in the same location, Vacant took the concept a step further and created retail in rotating venues.

Larger brands now adopt the pop-up concept to create brand awareness in a specific market without commiting to a long lease. Comme des Garcons had 1-year pop-up ‘Guerrilla Shop’ in NYC, which, ultimately, created brand loyalty and a committed web-based clientel.

As city sees the number of shops it has dwindle with the opening of yet another restaurant or coffee shop, pop-ups fill this void of must-have merchandise and savvy merchandising. I am so thrilled to be a part of a Seattle holiday shopping event that is clever, cool and locally focused. And by locally focused, I do not mean a craft fair. Seattle has an ridiculous amount of creative talent with oh-my-god-where-did-you-get-that? products. When they ask, you can just say, "The Pop-Up" like the in-the-know, know-it-first person you are.

All the necessary information is below. APRIL PRIDE will be participating Week 2 Dec 4-9. Posts coming soon with images of what you can expect!