About a year from the launch of APRIL PRIDE (12/12/12 to be exact) and a day before Thanksgiving, I believe it is time to give thanks. (Yes, this is my Oscar speech.)

  • Thankful to all the women who said yes to THE DRESS.
  • Thankful to my husband for his patience. Again. Always.
  • Thankful to Kelley Pillow, Meghan Allison, Eliza Coburn, Mary Seifred, Jennifer Lewis, Kate Green, Jessica Cantlin, Kassie Keith, Natalie Angelillo, Jennie Gruss, Jenny Klimenkoff, Lisa Hess and Jean Le for introducing AP to thier friends/colleagues.
  • Thankful to Lenna "pattern-extroidinaire" Petersen.
  • Thankful to Elizabeth Felder (nee Rudge) for getting the shot.
  • Thankful to Renee Basetti for being a mentor and inspiration.
  • Thankful to Ali Brownrigg of Seattle Magazine who spotted a story.
  • Thankful to Laura Cassidy for tagging me.
  • Thankful to Rachel Ravitch for making my prototypes for THE BELT.
  • Thankful for my boys who love to tell people, "Mommy sells dresses." Designs, sells. Who's counting?
  • Thankful to Super-Intern Karen.
  • And last but not least, thankful to my mother-in-law Margaret for passing down her style. Saving everything does have its benefits.

    There are more and you know who you are. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. xXx