I Hate Holiday Dresses. Until Now.

Lindsey Thornburg dress.png
black belted dress.JPG

I realize that a person who designs dresses should under no circumstances admit that she dislikes the mother-of-all-dresses (aside from wedding): the holiday cocktail dress.

Why? Because it is the Hallmark Holiday Card of women's retail. I know I sound bahumbug but really! The whole "category" is as creative as putting Snoopy on a card and rotating the words and colors depending on the holiday at hand.

Sequins. LBD. Velvet. Bows. These have never been on my shopping list to prepare for holiday parties. Never. Ever.

Two years ago, I wore Lindsey Thornburgs Totem Dress in red. (pictured below) Now this is how you want to enter a party. Seriously.

So why all this talk of holiday dresses? Because AP has quietly launched a dress that can be fashioned for your special events in the month of December but will in no way be a miss the rest of the year.  Plus, you will stand out ALL YEAR. I know you want to see more but for now the only way to do that is through a private appointment or at a trunk show. Okay. A peek. Below is hairstylist to the stars (of Seattle), Ms Vivian Lee in THE AMANDA KAFTAN, navy silk georgette with THE BELT in navy and turquoise linen. What she actually walked away with is this dress in peacock-green silk.  In fact, several women walked away with a peacock green silk dress. 

Just like with THE DRESS, THE AMANDA is a blank canvas. You can even add a sequined velvet bow although I do not approve.