Music just is. All the time. Forever. Amen. When life starts out like this ----->

Putting together small playlists every month this year has been more than fun. It has been an excuse to actively seek new music rather than the constant default of hip-hop. Although there was a lot of that. A lot. Beacause this was a great year for hip-hop.

In case you missed the Spotify playlists I posted on Facebook, twitter, etc., here is the year in review for my audio inspiration.

All female performers. Strong. Sexy. True rockers. Something for the ladies from the Ladies. 

One of my closest friends happens to be German. Not 20% German on her grandmother's side but, like, she grew up in Dusseldorf, studied in Berlin and speaks in a language that I can only understand first thing the morning, to cheer, to bless after a sneeze, and to say thank you. Electronic music is true language of Germany and I LOVE this release from Letienne

I discovered Letienne on Questlove's selects for Vanity Fair, which polled names in music for their current favorite listens. I spared you Avriil Lavigne's picks. (you're welcome). 

This song and video of Ryan Hemsworth's "Against a Wall" left me breathless. 

As mentioned above, I have a thing for hip-hop. When I hang out at night with friends, that's is the music I want as a soundtrack for the memories we are making. I had a couple of magical evenings this year. Every time I listen to this playlist, I know exactly who I was talking to the moment nearly each song was playing. 

Then there was Thanksgiving on Kauai, A special collection of music required indeed. Island style and mellow just like our celebration. 

Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of 2013 offers a day of reckoning. Where in the hell have I been all year? A few I know well. Many I should know better. And one I wish I could forget. Honestly, the fact the Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience is on there makes me question the other 49 choices. I don't mind JT and, in fact, FutureSex/LoveSounds is burned on my brain but 20/20 sucks. Like, really hard. I pulled the songs selected for each album and created a single playlist so that by NYE we can end the year a little wiser. 

My audio resolution for next year it a playlist per month. Always listed on this blog.  Stay tuned. xXx