striped halter dress
obi belt
April Pride black dress

APRIL PRIDE is popping up! Starting this Wednesday thanks to American Express and Delta Airlines. I was thinking about how I could have my own 12 days of Christmas but it would be only 6 and it is more about holiday shopping...the sentiment is there. So I give you The Six Days of Holiday Shopping or 6 Days, 6 Gifts.

6 / Wednesday, December 4 First 6 customers receive 10% off THE DRESS.

5 / Thursday, December 5 Spend $500 and get a free belt.

4 / Friday, December 6 4pm Happy Hour. Serving my fave holiday drink- the Nui Nui!




3 / Saturday, December 7
THE BELT! Buy 3, Get 1 free.






2 / Sunday, December 8
Two's Company. In honor of the distant days of long brunches followed by nails and shopping with girlfriends, I want to offer incentive to make a plan to hang! $25 credit to you for each new AP client you bring!
1 / Monday, December 9
 1 Lucky Winner! Each customer of the AP pop-up will be entered to win THE DRESS. 

FINE PRINT: 1) AP is not responsible if you drink too many Nui Nui. 2) All credits and savings on AP product only.