First question is always, "What was your inspiration for THE DRESS?" So, here goes:

My mother-in-law is 5'3" and I am 5'10". This is important to understand because she gives me her clothes. Vintage awesome clothes that somehow fit me more often than they should.

Five years ago, the original version of THE DRESS made its way into my "pile" of goods that stacks up near here front door. (Am I the only person who has a pile?) I brought it home and tried on what I can only describe as a tent. "How on Earth did this dress fit Margi?" I thought.

First order of business was a belt. I grabbed a cloth sash from another vintage dress I owned. Immediately, I realized that, yes, a belt made it better but an, ahem, undergarment of sorts was the second missing piece. A bandeau! A bandeau? Yes. Also referred to as a tube bra. I prefer bandeau for obvious reasons.

I rocked THE DRESS. A lot. For years. Why? Always felt so sexy in a good way. An appropriate way. Surprise sexy if you will.

Here is me actually 6 months pregnant. Are you doing the math? This dress fits my petite mother-in-law, the tall me and the tall and wide me. ONE SIZE FITS MOST.