kaarskoker is SOLD

In order to begin one new chapter, I feel like the previous needs to be sucessfully complete and, hopefully, with a good ending!

Quick background. I started kaarskoker in 2008 to execute an idea that I felt was necessary. Very necessary. For the sake of lifeless light fixtures and the creative urges of the masses.

kaarskoker is pronounced "cars coker." (Seems easy enough but not everything is as it seems. That's for another discussion and is not making this quick.) kaars is Dutch for "candle" and koker is Dutch for "sleeve."

Immediately, the press and the masses fell in love. Really in love. So away we went for 4 years with awesome retailers both bigger (Amazon, The Home Depot, Nordstrom) and smaller (Lillian August, Graciious Home) and designers both bigger (Amanda Nisbet) and smaller.

Good times and then THE DRESS started to take on a life of its own. I am all for multi-tasking but making one's self schizo is by definition simply nuts.

With a little luck and good timing, I SOLD KAARSKOKER!

THE END. Next chapter.

kaarskoker lighting.jpg