Newest Resident on Elizabeth St.

Popular mommy blog Elizabeth St launched the Seattle edition a couple of weeks ago and AP was asked for her favorite family haunts in Seattle. First on the list is Smith. My kids love the fries and because they order them, the calories don't count for me. Everyone wins! Other favorite past times include skate parks around the city, Golden Gardens, renting a boat and hanging at their grandparents.

I am pictured with my boys, James (6) & Sid (3), in our kitchen this past Mother's Day. A peek of our newly installed Jen Ament wall is in the background. The bottom pic is us FINALLY enjoying the newly renovated deck. Of course, I am wearing THE DRESS in limited edition pink hemp/cotton blend. Recently SOLD-OUT! As I type another photoshoot is taking place on this same deck. Stay turned!

*Thanks to Heather B. Allison for capturing these moments!