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Recently, a friend asked for my recs on a kid-friendly trip to San Francisco. To fight my guilt as I begin to pack for my own NOT kid-friendly trip to SF/Napa this Thursday, I give you WEEKEND AWAY: San Francisco, Kids Edition.

I took my boys to visit the city- where I lost some brain cells and earned some wrinkles at the turn of the last century- last April for Spring Break.

1) Rent an apartment on airbnb. Don't get a hotel room because you don't want to go to bed at 8pm. The flexibility is worth sacrificing room service.

2) Sign up for urbansitter. This is the only way to line-up a sitter while on the road. Do not rely on your friend's nanny's friend. It is vacation. No do overs. I had all my dinners planned and kids covered before I left Seattle. I also sat in the living room of my Mission apartment with my best friend at 9pm and wanted to go out blocks away. (The boys were asleep afterall.) I posted a job on urbansitter and had a girl at my place at 9:30. As luck would have it, she knew my friend's au pair. No guilt!

3) Dolores Park. Know about the Suess-inspired playground. Just steps away from Bi-Rite ice cream. This is a way to spend an afternoon. Have early risers and need to kill a morning? Same plan but sub Tartine croisssants and coffee for ice cream. Still heaven. (Of course, we were in San Francisco on 4/20 so Dolores Park was more of an adult playground.)

4) Rent bikes to venture through Golden Gate Park. Go to Golden Gate bike Rentals on the Upper Haight. Visit the deYoung and California Academy of Arts and Sciences. Remember to get a lock for your bikes.

5) Mexican Wrestler Masks. This is definitely elective if you have girls. I have boys so there was no choice. We went not once but twice. Good thing the best shop is blocks away from Humphry Slocombe.