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Vintage Pastels
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Balenciaga pastel blue dress
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Defined as a soft and delicate shade of a color, pastels are tones commonly thought of as pale, youthful, and soothing. I know what you are thinking, and I don’t blame you. Pastel colors have gotten a bad rap over the years. In all honesty, I was never really a fan, but stay with me. Some images that may come to mind; bridesmaid dresses, Easter eggs, and melt away mints. Pastels have a way of causing one to grimace at the thought of some frothy confection, made to be worn in a reception hall or under the lights twinkling above the dance floor in a high school gymnasium. True, there are some pretty awful examples of pastels gone wrong lurking about, and they should be relegated to costume parties or dress up corners for children. But the times, they are a changing! For the 2014 Resort and Spring collections, designers infused their looks with enough dreamy shades of color, in fresh new ways, they are sure enough to win over the harshest of skeptics. (Like me!)

Pastels have long been used in spring collections, and rightfully so. They represent a freshness that bring to mind the promise of wearing breezy fabrics in soft colors on a sunny day, helping to pull us through the long winters. One need only search a local vintage shop to find evidence of pastel hued creations from days past, for better or worse. However, it is how designers are modernizing looks by mixing pastels, creating modern wardrobe staples, and breathing new life into a long time favorite trend. Whether it be a pale blue blouse paired with a printed coat and khakis at Valentino, or anchoring down shocking hits of color on a pink cocktail dress at Dior. One thing is certain, pastel colors are having a moment, and we want in.

 - Andrew Fox

Mint Green Dress

1.  Charles James 1948
2. Super Models Spring 1994
3.  Halston and his model muses
4.  Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2014
5. Balenciaga Spring 2014
6. Chanel Spring 2014