VENERABLES: Julianne Moore

venerable: adj. accorded a great deal of respect, esp. because of age, wisdom or character.

Julianne Moore.jpg

This word can apply to a woman and her clothes. Not just the church, right? I guess this is my nice way of describing my documentation of women wearing vintage. While perhaps not vintage when photographed, the images- and fashion- persist. Or maybe the image is of a woman who may be considered vintage- due to her age- and will remain cool through the ages. First up is Julianne Moore. She is defined by the latter. I was first smitten in Boogie Nights and was unsettled by her portrayal of the despised Mrs. Brown in The Hours. Maude Lebowski, the pill-popping freak in Magnolia are classic roles but as Sarah Palin in Game Change I was jaw-to-the-ground. She was Sarah Palin. Stylistically, I prefer the Julianne of A Single Man and the Bulgari campaign. 

Plus, I saw her on a cold-ass day in the West Village pushing her stroller just like US. 

julianne moore.jpg
Julianne Moore.jpg