oversized kimono

Years ago a friend- a very good and very stylish friend with an amazing retail shop- introduced me to an entirely new way of dressing and playing with personal style: Bigger is better. I was completely captivated by the fact that none of her clothes actually fit. Everything was too big. And she always looked amazing. The most chic woman in the room.

Years have passed and this way of dress is standard for me. (How could you go back to low-rise jeans and tucked in shirts?) The look has evolved and definitely influenced Dress No. 2, my second introduction to the line. I have also taken to wearing kimono-like cover-ups in the last couple of years. I have collected images that inspire the perfect laid-back West Coast alternative to the buttoned-up East Coast cardigan.  -AP

blue kimono
grey and white kimono
white kimono
black kimono