Anne Sylvain black shopper

Patricia Raskin is a perfectionist and you can see it in the quality of the beautiful leather handbags and accessories she designs for her line Anne Sylvain. Patricia was introduced to me by a mutual friend.  Upon on first meeting, we covered it all: the design/fashion scene in Seattle, the non-negotiable use of quality of materials, how brands have gotten away from truly timeless design and our shared disdain for logos.  Fast forward and we are hosting a show together! Next Wednesday, Oct 8 / 1-8pm at studio e (609 South Brandon, Seattle). All the details can be found here.  Below are images from a photo shoot we worked on together. I think the reason it is so successful (aside from the colors!) is a product that is subpar will not hold up when paired with one of superb quality. As Jay-Z said, "Real recognize real." 

Anne Sylvain camel clutch