Two weeks before AP TIPI, I asked a friend, "What is it about the space that has me hooked?" She reminded me that most structures that incite inspiration, rebirth and ceremony are round. Um. Yes! All of the above. And pretty dresses, please. Well, as we all know - thanks to hard earned wisdom, a lot can happen in two weeks.  

The tipi guy aka The Tipi Guy either had a sick grandmother (excuse #1) or a busted wheel hub and was stuck in CO (excuse #2). Bottom line: He was not coming back to Seattle to deliver the star of my show. Being the mother of two and well-trained in making lemonade on a dime, AP (NO)TIPI was born! 

From sample dresses, coats, and skirts to select made-to-order shirts and signature AP+Rachel Ravitch python bracelets, AP (NO)TIPI gave clients an all-access pass to original designs and collaborations. 

A BIG and sincere THANK YOU THANK YOU to all clients - who were present in person or in spirit. The week proved that as in life, with the right people, well, who needs a tipi? xXx