Back in November I introduced my April Pride PYTHON bracelets as armor, alluding to my friend’s mother, who utilized accessories as a powerful statement of invulnerability. Whether it is layered necklaces, bracelets or even a scarf and large sunglasses, there is certain fearlessness these pieces that lend as more than a sense of sophistication and outward appeal. Now this got me wondering, what would tartan armor look like? It so happens that the Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 collection held the answer to this perfect, invincible combination.

Karl Lagerfeld defined this collection as “Dressed to Kilt” as a blend of Scottish tradition and Chanel’s romance to create a spectacle of “barbarian romance.” The collection is chockfull of Chanel’s most iconic tweed Chanel Suits and mixed textile chains, but what is key to this collection is its bountiful use of tartan! The models look simultaneously dark, cozy and classic. Where the Chanel tweed is beautifully adorned with a creative amount of armor, such as a lush scarf, jeweled beret and my favorite: the layered tartan Chanel chain choker.