black deep V dress
White pant suit

Bib + Tuck asked a group of us in Seattle to ship 10 items of clothing/accessories/shoes that were still great but no longer a staple. I must say, I definitely went through a DvF phase a decade a go. (Has it been that long?) A couple of examples of my brilliant cast offs. You should definitely check out Laura Cassidy's goods along with Rachel Ravitch, Emily Smith and Kimberly Baker. 206 REPRESENT! 
All photos of moi featured on Bib + Tuck were captured by the amazing Jess Carter of Love City Love
Below are my *deep thoughts*. 

One lady in Seattle gives credit to both her grandmothers (more so than others, we assure you) - one grandmother modeled for Neiman Marcus and the other was a furniture whisperer. And when you combine the style savvy from one and the love for interior design from the other, you have a modern take of the two muses also known as April Pride. April, who describes her personal style as a "grandmother from the 1960s," has built herself a formidable career in Seattle on fashion and interior design. Read on to find out more about her favorite project as of recent, and where you may be able to catch April on a given Saturday Night (Four Seasons anyone?).

How did you get started in fashion design? I was gifted a vintage dress that I simply had to have in every color.  
Any pieces you've worked on recently that stick out in your mind as one of your favorites? I have executed collaborations with other designers this year with really stunning results. Lots of leather. Python skins and horse hide. 
What influences you the most in terms of designing/cultivating personal style? Elegant Street. You should always expect a surprise invitation and be dressed to roll into any venue, occasion. The high should work in the low and vice versa. That is also attitude. There is a lot of attitude that makes personal style unquestionable. 

Tell us about your personal style. 
A grandmother from the 1960s meets Kate Jackson a la Charlie's Angels meets Alison Mosshart. 

Where are the best places to go for vintage shopping in Seattle? My secret shopper for vintage is Style Syndicate AKA Paul Mendes who pops up. Coleman Collection is by appointment. Indian Summer Vintage. My other spots have ALL recently closed (Vutique, Karen's, Kaleidoscope Vision, In Commune).
Give us the top 5 places you frequent in Seattle:  Paseo, La Bete, Totokaelo, Spa Noir, Four Seasons bar
Where would you suggest everyone MUST go if they were only visiting Seattle for the weekend? Brunch at Boat Street Cafe then a walk through SAM Sculpture Park down to a ferry. Walk on and ride across the sound and back. Walk into Pioneer Square and hit Bar Sajor for lunch. Take a taxi to Capital Hill and hit Love City Love. Hole up at Linda's for an afternoon of libations then La Bete for dinner. That is a good Seattle day. 
Are there any words of advice (professional or personal) that you try to live by? Stick to what you like and outsource everything else. 
Last night...I slept 3,000 miles away from my sons and 30 feet from my dad. 
If I had a choice...I would pick both. 
In 15 as I know it will be over. 
My favorite...quote of the moment is by Oscar Wilde: “Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.”