Derma Planing scalpel

I blade my skin.  Trust me. I don't shave rather I simply remove dead skin and peach fuzz so that my products absorb better. Since I was first introduced to "derma planing," my skin is smoother, totally exfoliated, and much more vibrant.

How did I get to this point? Well, 20 years ago I will never forget a guest on Oprah explaining that the secret to her great skin was that she shaved down using her husband's razor. WTF?  I never did go there but when Carla of Parlor 11 in Seattle asked if I were game, I had a flashback to that woman's glowing skin.  

There was a period of time when getting to Carla was near impossible (kids, work, travel. you know.). You know where this is going. I ordered blades on Amazon, watched this YouTube video and now I blade myself once a month.  I am not telling you to try this at home and certainly this is not a how-to. I advise you call Carla!
Here's more on my fave beauty procedure from Pure Skin Junkie (I mean, that just may be my nickname):
[Blading] can be done every 3-4 weeks, and it removes 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin. Unlike leg hair, once vellus hair has been removed it will not grow back faster or thicker than it was before. It will continue to grow at the same rate and texture as always.

This practice has recently been growing in popularity due to its amazing benefits:

  •  There are no chemicals used in the process. With this procedure you can get a deep exfoliation without peeling agents or scrubs that penetrate into pores and into the bloodstream. This is extremely beneficial to women who are pregnant or nursing
  • The hairs on your face, tiny they may be, withhold oils and dirt that sit on the surface. Once these are removed the skin looks a lot healthier and cleaner
  • The treatment allows skincare products to penetrate deeper into your skin after it is complete, and therefore be more effective
  • Make-up will look better and stay put longer due to less creasing in the skin. There will be less need to reapply or touch up throughout the day

Patients have also reported less fine lines and wrinkles, more nourished skin, a decrease in acne scarring and a more refined appearance. Derma Planing can be done to all skin types. This fantastic exfoliating treatment will leave you glowing.