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A few things come to mind when discussing my adopted hometown of Seattle: rain, grunge, Starbucks, Bill Gates, and Amazon. However, those of us who live here do so for one reason: Seattle summers. Seattle has breezy, lush summers with the consequent prevalence of boating life. This makes sense when you realize that Seattle is actually surrounded by various bodies of water, whether we are talking about Lake Washington, Lake Union, or Puget Sound. In fact, several boat shows have been taking place in Seattle since as early as 1947. One of the biggest boat shows in this city is the South Lake Union “Boats Afloat” show. It includes more than 1,000 recreational watercraft, seminars, and the latest boating accessories indoors and on the water, making it the biggest floating boat show in the West Coast.

Now that I’ve gone through the history of boating shows in Seattle, it’s time to move on to the logistics of the essentials of boating life. Naturally, when I talk about boating life, I’m not talking about scuba suits, wake boarding, or inner tubing--I’m talking about some serious #R&R on a boat with close friends and a drink in my hand. AP currently loves drinking from custom monogrammed 12ox clear Tervis Tumblers.

First and foremost, you need a great boat. AP does not have a because according to her husband, “if it floats, flies, or f&cks, rent it!” However, if she could own a boat it would be a Riva. The Italian-based company was established in the mid-1800s, and their boats exude elegance and timeless style. A couple of the key stylistic elements of their boats that contribute to thier enduring luxury are the smooth, earthy wooden details and classic clean lines. Riva’s clients include aristocrats, successful businessman, award-winning athletes, and even icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren.

Secondly, aside from a chill, laid back West Coast attitude, some of the sartorial essentials of boating life include a good straw boater or baseball hat, fresh white linen or cotton clothes, boating shoes or saltwater sandals, and a hip pair of sunglasses. Despite the floppy hat trend that has been recently circulating, a close-fitting boater or baseball hat is actually more practical for boating, unless you want to keep your hand on your head to prevent the hat from flying off all day. As you can see from the pictures, back then the trend was the headscarf, which would keep your hair from flying around as well. For boating wear, there’s nothing quite like cool, crisp whites such as White Twill Dress No. 1 or the White Linen Dress No. 3 for a sunny day hang out on a boat. Of course, boating shoes or saltwater sandals are an absolute must when boating because heels or flip flops simply do not have the traction, high grade soles, or durability in the face of saltwater. The last boating essential is an accessory that adds an undeniably mysterious quality to anyone who wears them: sunglasses. Wayfarers or aviators can only enhance your cool factor and are the finishing touch to the fresh ON the boat look. AP is currently loving the Steve McQueen Persol PO 714 SM Special Edition.

Last, but certainly not anywhere near the least, coolers full of beverages are an indisputable necessity. Remember that there is no glass on watercrafts! A cooler can be both functional and your boat’s best accessory will guarantee that your refreshment stays ice cold. You can even customize with the boat’s name or your the initial of your surname. My advice would be to opt for a vintage-inspired leather-covered cooler for an extra copacetic aesthetic. -Anna Choi

Vintage lake boating
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