marble stone gold pendant necklace

Ever since Madonna showed up on the scene with dozens of plastic rings around her wrist, I have always been more of a bracelet girl. If I do hang my armor around my neck, I like it on a chain. A long chain. Every necklace that I've seen in the last year is screaming my name. Shapes and colors reminiscent of the 30s & 40s but somehow just the right boho chic for this modern day hippie. CĂ©line has nailed everything else from bags to cuffs recently and their necklaces are no exception(below). And Lanvin has choice pieces such as the brass and black leather necklace(below left). BUT my biggest find as of late is sewasong, Etsy store responsible for all you see to the left. Everything is shockingly around $50. A load of my current favorite modern pendants were  recently added to the ARMOR board on Pinterest. 

gold Lanvin pendant necklace
Celine large pendant necklace