Chanel colorful stacked bangles
plastic stacked colorful bangles

Since it is summer and sea water or sweat will quickly tarnish and corrode silver jewelry, one of the trends that Chanel brought back on the Spring/Summer 2014 runway is lucite jewelry. Lucite has many different names such as plexiglass or perspex. Although it shares no chemical properties with glass, it is often generically called “acrylic glass” because of its transparency and durability. While the word “glass” is included in lucite’s generic name, lucite is much more lightweight and shatter resistant than glass. It was originally used for safety glass in submarines, aircraft windshields, and even gun turrets. However, its use has transformed from just machinery to resin casting for insects, coins, and other display items to aesthetic uses such as sculptures, clutches, necklaces, heels, bangles, and earrings.

A We Are Handsome blog post featured Melbourne-based L'abattoir de Platique, which is a company that makes 3D printed plastic bangles. With a rainbow of colors, air-sealed packaging and sized-to-fit, plastic is the future. Check out this video to see how these are made on demand.  All the lucite accessories are fresh and hold a sense of transparency and youthfulness unlike the cool metallics we have previously talked about on this blog. Stack your bangles, bracelets, and other lucite numbers for a fun, fresh summer appropriate look. -Anna Choi

Lucite heels