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When my best friend who lives in San Francisco confirmed our kids were on the same Spring Break and she would be renting a house in LA, I started scheming. Ever since I saw this video on Nowness, I've been desperate to experience a sound bath at the Integratron near Joshua Tree. I also knew I was solo with the boys for the week prior to collecting my husband in LA for weekend rendezvous.  

The plan was to fly into Palm Springs for an afternoon poolside and a night in a bed before driving out to Joshua Tree to stay. Wait for it. On a homestead, which I found on AirBNB. Can we - for a minute - discuss how much easier it is to appear to be a fun, ingenious parent in the 21st century? For $79/night, we were treated to an experience that - for the same price - could only be delivered by Motel 6. Instead, we drove 5 miles off Hwy 29 until the pavement ended and drove another 5 miles and were greeted by a cabin, outhouse, outdoor shower and kitchen dreamed and designed by a Harvard Design grad. Thank you Jay and Stephanie. And, yes, please. 

First stop was Palm Springs where we sunned and sinned. Well, not much unless you're counting carbs. And I don't. We stayed at The Saguaro (SA WAR OH), which played great music at the pool, was family friendly and cool. Like as in keep-it-real cool not so-effing-hip-this-is-dumb cool. Order directly from pool bar. Chair service takes a wee bit too long. Free 8am yoga on the lawn while my boys iPad a stone's throw away. Done. Discovered Nature's, which was the most incredible natural foods market with a juice bar. DO NOT get the shakes for your kids. Rice milk ice cream tastes like it sounds. 

The deep desert plan came together save for the Integratron experience. Blaming the boys. Next trip. Instead we visited Pioneertown where we checked out a "real" cowboy town and refreshed ourselves with ice cream (boys) and beer (mom) at Pappy & Harriet's. The latter of which is a real deal saloon with concert posters covering every square inch. A mere week later (note it is this week - between the first and second weekend of Coachella. plan accordingly.) Jamie xx was performing on a very small stage in the most authentic of settings for $40. This is when I remind you that the xx played *intimate* shows at The Armory in NY (25 shows for 40 people each) the tickets were $1000+. The desert is truly magic.   

The boys and I dove into Joshua Tree National Park and climbed boulders for three hours (me, too!) at Hidden Valley, which is the most kid-friendly climbing spot. And with which I agree and add parental heart attack inducing. 

Back at the homestead, we took hot outdoor (private) showers, made dinner (hot dogs and salad) and excitedly prepared a campfire for s'mores both nights. Better than camping. And I convinced the boys that screens were not allowed on the homestead. Out of respect for nature. You know. So we read, shot Polaroids and called it a night soon after sunset and s'mores. 

All of this sound great but anyone who knows me knows that there is one thing that could make our stay even better. Juice. Fresh juice. And Sunshine Milk warmed for our campfire sessions. Well, with our lodging confirmation came a menu for just this. Juices by Angela de la Agua to be delivered or picked up upon arrival. 24oz Mason jars full of life. Contact Angela and learn more about her thoughtful approach to nourishment on her website.  

Desert blessings to all!

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