I wouldn’t exactly call it cheating, we all need that one small thing that picks us up, to keep our days moving, a small moment of self-indulgence where it’s just you and your cigarette, wine, or for me, a cup of good coffee. Our fixes are for taking a bit of the edge off, a socially acceptable selfish drug.

Funnily enough, when I think of the classic fixes in film, I think of Kathryn from the late 90s cult classic, Cruel Intentions when the audience realizes she hides a bit of secret cocaine in her innocent rosary. In that scene she is slowly loosing it, a fix that has gotten a little out of control, perhaps a subtle warning to never let our fixes become an act of desperation (maybe not necessarily cocaine!).

I encourage you to indulge in your selfish fix but keep in mind moderation is very key. Enjoy your drinks, your smokes but contemplate Kathryn when you’re too hasty. xXx