green belted crocodile skirt
Chloe printed shoulder bag
Proenza Schouler printed trousers

Throughout history, nature has been used as an inspiration for poetry, novels, movies, and even architecture or furniture. Without a doubt, designer clothing and accessories are no exception. Nature inspires everything from silhouettes to textures and patterns. For instance, Diane von Furstenberg, who is well-known for her lively, printed wrap dresses, once said, “Animals come from nature. They were not designed. All my inspiration comes from nature, whether it's an animal or the layout of bark or of a leaf. Sometimes my patterns are very bold, and you can barely see where they come from, but all the textures and all the prints come out of nature.” von Furstenberg, Proenza Schouler, and many other designers like Alexander McQueen have all spoken about the inspiration that they take from nature. This post is dedicated to the organic patterns on the runways that have surfaced through an inspiration from nature.

The addition of various organic patterns and textures as great way to bring life to the basic staples of your wardrobe. And, each designer has a different way they express their inspiration from nature. For example, Hermès Spring/Summer 2014 collection paired jungle-inspired deep green colors and tropical flower patterns with classic silhouettes, while designers such as Proenza Schouler, Maison Martin Margiela, and Helmut Lang played with organic textures and animal-inspired prints. Whatever pattern or texture preferences you have, you can’t go wrong with organic patterns this summer. Take a tip from Mother Nature and go organic!
-Anna Choi

Natuer Print jumpsuit
Proenza Schouler printed trousers