metallic skirt and sheer cropped blouse
white strapped metal cap shoes
Celine metallic gold and silver heels

While some people favor cotton and linen in the summer, one of the new, rising trends of the summer is metallics. Metallics actually have a surprisingly refreshing sheen that easily adds a luxurious and cool factor to any outfit.

Of course, there certainly is a reason why metallics add those elements. Throughout history, gold and silver were woven into clothing for royalty, noblemen, and influential leaders. Back then, metal strips were wrapped around cotton or silk fiber cores, but now coated metallic filaments are used. The coating allows the fabric not to rust when exposed to water, so it can be used in everything from swimsuits, everyday wear, and evening wear to extreme weather survival clothing.

However, metallics aren’t only limited to being woven into fabric. Although designers like Proenza Schouler, Dries Van Noten, and Joseph Altuzarra have included metallics in exquisite pleated skirts and draping llamé dresses, metallics are also showing up on shoes and clothing in the form of metallic leathers. Marni and Céline in particular have done amazing lines of sandals, heels, oxfords, and slip ons. The designers utilized metal plating or a metallic sheen combined with the structure of quality leathers to add an edgy twist to the classic silhouette of the shoes. Marni and Céline’s clever incorporation of metal caps and details add just the extra cool pop that has me completely on board for this summer trend.
Anna Choi

Proenza Schouler metallic detailed clutch