I just returned from an amazing weekend away with my boys. Well, one is a man as he fathered the other two but I will always call them my boys. Because, you see, there is them and there is me, the girl. Being the only woman has clear advantages.  
1) I am excused from all spectator sporting events.  
2) A weekend away is accepted as necessary to reset my palette and my vocabulary.
3)  "Don't touch me! I am wearing special lady clothes." is respected out of total fear.

Honestly, though, these are the only demands I have an interest in maintaining. I have, happily, crossed over to the other side:  jerseys as fashion, potty talk as humor, potato chips as vegetables, and LEGO as religion along with Star Wars and Minecraft.

Mommy is the dearest word to my heart even if it is proceeded by, "I want to pee in nature!" If there is one thing I now know firsthand - boys will be boys. xXx