Seattle Met April Pride Mother's Day

Seattle Met asked me to dish on Mother's Day. This year I will be in Japan while my mom is watching the boys. Perhaps that is my gift to her or is it the other way around?
Best gift received: No question it was my first Mother's Day. My husband, Jimmy, sourced these unbelievable coral beads and had a necklace strung. I am pretty sure he had his own mom help him. Moms on Mother's Day: I sent my mom Dress No. 1 in Navy last year. Clearly meaningful because it was living proof that we had both done well. You know? With $75 of mad money: From Paper Hammer, I would stock up on Merchant & Mills sewing supplies (I am a sucker for the packaging). I would buy magazines at E. Smith Mercantile and grab a handful of candies for the boys. To ensure that I read the latest issues within the month, I will happily dip into my own stash to hire a sitter. Hit list: I cannot walk out of Glasswing without buying a plant for my sons. Totokaelo is where I go for me. ME ME ME, but I will venture downstairs and take notes for my husband. London Plane's big space has ceramic coffee mugs in the perfect blue/teal. A set of six is on my list this Mother's Day. When the boys have a birthday party, we find the perfect gift for their friends at Red Wagon. I am having an instant film moment—so much so that I am this close to investing in a vintage camera from Rare Medium. My mother-in-law has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g so I always get her a gift certificate for a service at Spa Noir. When I want something really special, I go to Ty for vintage denim