Summer finally strikes! inviting us to get our swimsuits on, dive in and soak up the sun. While the latest swimsuit trends encourage the high-waisted bikini bottoms, flashy cut outs or the crocheted Coachella look, no thanks. I’m opting for the classic one-piece suit as a foolproof fashionable choice without those awkward readjustments. And a perfect camouflage for, well, a life of indulgence. 

A bright but minimalist take on the one-piece suit can be seen with Massai Hutton’s red "Bower” that keeps things sexy by accentuating the bare back. The nuance of the one-piece always comes with maintaining the utilitarian qualities with just the right amount of sexXxy!

Whether its an outdoor bar in Hawaii or a sandy beach in Greece, invest in a maximum brimmed hat, minimum two pairs of sunglasses and a one-piece suit.