APRIL PRIDE moving day

Yesterday was moving day! To the left is me, AP, in the back of the U-Haul in THE DRESS. (See. I really do everything in the damn thing.) 

Final destination? Hotel Sorrento, Seattle's oldest operating hotel. And The Queen is getting nipped, tucked, new wardrobe. All of it.

The Sorrento is under renovation of ownership and decor but its spirit as the place to go to not be seen remains. Codor Design, Brian Paquette and AP have been asked to permanently renovate three guest rooms, which will be open for tour at this event.

I get to reimagine Suite 608. Not just any guest room but the site where I hosted a dear friend's birthday party 4 years ago. Her birthday is the day after Christmas. With young families, there were two non-negotiable criteria: during daylight hours (because, well, seems naughty) and not at anyone's home (PTSD). A day party at a hotel it was. And the only hotel to consider was The Sorrento. Our room? You guest it (sorry). 608. Just so happens that in attendance that day. Drumroll. The new managing partner of the hotel + her right hand man. Manifesting futures is how we party. I guess.

The full circle of my experience with this property and, in particular this room, speaks to a notion shared with me not long ago: "A coincidence affirms the direction of your life." Indeed. 

Below are the before images. As I type, the after is in progress thanks to the handyman across from me and the painter to my left. 

Prior to the FREE 5/5 8pm suite tour is a Gray Magazine sponsored panel "Remix, Culture & Cross-Disciplinary Design." Information and tickets for the Gray event may be purchased here.


Sorrento Hotel desk before
Sorrento Hotel bar before
Sorrento Hotel dining before
Sorrento Hotel bedroom before
Sorrento Hotel entry before
Sorrento Hotel before seating
Sorrento Hotel bedroom curtains before