April Pride City Arts Taste Test

I read City Arts religiously. In fact, I give clients a copy as they leave the Four Seasons pop-up. Each month I turn the pages straight to Taste Test. So you can imagine my surprise when I got an email asking if I would be interested in giving a shot at sharing my favorite place and things both far and near. 
Jeans Won Hundred  Sweater Pas de Calais “cacoon” Les Amis  Dress The Dress by April Pride (shameless)  Shoes Zero + Maria Cornejo Uni Boot  Sunglasses Oliver Peoples • Choice accessory Vintage checkerboard mother-of-pearl bangle  Furniture Custom-designed flame-stitch quilted sofa  Last book read Bad Boy, the autobiography of Eric Fischl  Last album listened to Everyday Robots by Damon Albarn
Place to eat/menu item Mamnoon falafel  Place to drink Little Water Cantina  Drink of choice Rachel’s Ginger Beer  Fast food Rancho Bravo  Coffee Remedy Teas  Art gallery Henry  Record shop iTunes  Bookstore Kindle Store  Clothing store Totokaelo • Furniture store Consign Design  Vintage spot My mother-in-law’s closet  Haircut Vivian Lee  Place to take out-of-towners On a boat
Travel accessory Ambien  Travel ritual Getting OCD over carry-on items  Tacky tourist destination Daytona Beach  Cultural site The Acropolis  Cultural event Siesta • Place for romance Sossusvlei, Namibia  Place to party Berlin beach-bar hopping  Place to shop Farfetch.com  Place to relax Costa Alegre, Mexico  Place you’ve never been but want to go Thailand  Place you’ll never go again Luxembourg (snore)