A year and a lifetime ago I returned from my incredible first trip to Tokyo. Sigh. And now my wanderlust senses are tingling again. (My five days in  LA next week is certainly a salve.)

I created this video upon my return as a reminder of the inspiration elicited by the ladies, streets and treats. 

Kimonos have always fascinated me with their traditional design paired with their potential for edginess. Though kimonos have been around in Japanese culture for centuries, no one put a twist on it until geisha culture started to crop up more and more in popular culture.

The collar of the kimono reveals the nape, which is considered as a very erotic area in Japan and part of the reason why geishas wore them. Even in ancient culture, Oiran (the top geishas) were considered as leaders of fashion by setting trends and exemplifying extravagance.  

Today, geishas are still brilliant artists and guardians of some of the most refined expressions of Japanese art and culture and the Oiran's legacy continues through the kimono. 

I encourage you to channel the Oiran in you! xXx