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If you read April's short post on Las Alamandas, you’ll remember that April is a huge fan of the endless summer--finding summer everywhere you can all year round. And now that summer is finally almost here, I am so glad that retro swimwear has found its way back on the scene. AP has dedicated a Pinterest board to the one-piece. 

The first documented use of the swimsuit actually took place in Ancient Greece and Rome, where public bathing (in the nude) was sometimes accompanied by a swath of cloth resembling a bandeau and bikini bottoms. However, later fashion primarily reverted to a much more modest look. In the late 1700s to the 1800s, the Victorian upper-class women wore the “bathing dress” or jumpsuit to beaches. Some of the bathing dresses even include weights in the hems to ensure that they wouldn’t float upwards! Then, as women’s rights movements began building more steam in the early 1900s (and women actually started swimming) women began wearing a one-piece tank swimsuit that went down to the mid thigh. Finally, from the 30s on, women began to wear swimsuits resembling the ones we see today, ranging from high waisted bikinis to form-fitting one piece swimsuits to the stringier bikinis.

One of my favorite styles of the swimsuit is definitely the one piece. While some people believe one pieces to be boring, I love the clean minimalistic lines of swimwear of the past--like the white one piece that the up and coming NYC-based swimwear brand Ward Whillas posted on their instagram. Claudia Schiffer knocked that fresh white one piece out of the water! Similarly, Kate Upton wore a Dolce & Gabbana striped one piece in the June 2013 Vogue, proving that sexiness isn't always about showing more skin. If you want to mix it up, there are plenty of different one piece designs to play with. Designers like Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana have some girly flower prints and patterns, while others such as Josh Goot and Tomas Maier opt for sportier, scuba-inspired vibes. And really, who cares about tan lines when you’re wearing swimsuits as hot as these?
-Anna Choi

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