Blue Scottish Tartan Dress
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When I think of tartans, I think TIMELESS. It's become a staple, a must-have, a gotta-have-it piece in your closet. It's become the secret ingredient to being a self-described fashionista. From the de rigueur look after King George IV visited the Highlands to now, you can NEVER go wrong with a dash of Scotland's finest.

Annual Fall/Winter runway shows prove nothing less. Ever since Chanel premiered tartans on the runway, designers like Vivienne Westwood,  Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin have joined the phenomenon. And to no surprise, it's always the highlight of the show. Why? It's simple: we've broken up with our high school love for school skirts and left the idea of Scottish kilts in our (ancient) history textbooks. Tartans demand on-trend fashion, in EVERY way. Shoes, bags, dresses, coats. Tartans have entered the millennium with the classiest and most modern on-point styles.

Celebrities like Emma Watson and Sarah Jessica Parker don't hesitate when incorporating the look into their style, so why should you? And what better way to start than bringing festivity and timelessness to your dinner parties with AP's Holiday Tartan Collection. CHEERS to that. -Bea Estay

Red Scottish Tartan Dress