Seattle breaks call for sun, surf and sand. Lifesavers. All three. In Mexico, we've had a favorite spot for years Las Alamandas, which has ben covered on APB. This mid-winter break (we get an extra break before spring because our winter is worse than yours!) I made a request to try a new town, new coast, new vibe. Tulum, which adds style and sexy to the list above. This is sometimes good on vacation and sometimes a bit of a drag when, well, leather thongs are as polished as I want to be. Thongs for your feet. To be clear. 

Here's what I can tell you. I loved Tulum. And not for the scene, which was laden with yoga retreaters and the fashion set. I loved it for the terrain. The is one road in and out. At the end of which is UNESCO Cultural Heritage site. On one side is the ocean. On the other is the jungle. And tucked along the shore are small hotels. Tucked inside the jungle are restaurants and bars with the best craft cocktails and to-die-for food. Special indeed. 

We took a day trip to Valladolid. A still-thriving colonial town with one small block of great design that included one of the five Coqui Coqui hotels, Coqui Coqui Perfumeria and Coqui Coqui Casa where I picked up the best suede bag. Made in Mexico. At the end of the block is Hacienda Montaecristo. Custom leather sandals. Yep.  Worth the 1-1/2 hour drive to experience this town and these gems. 

There were magical ruins. You have to play tourist on these escapades. Totally worth it. 

Oh! I wore lots of AP dresses. Como Maxi as seen with the family selfie. (Sorry I cut your head off, Jim) And No. 3 Blue Linen as seen <--------