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I went to Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. I have NEVER prepared so much for a trip. EVER. I was so afraid of missing a thing that I made sure that I talked to anybody and everybody who had been to the city. The bottom line is you cannot eat a bad meal. You will always be greeted by people who are beyond friendly. You will get lost. A lot.  There is too much to see/do so here are my tops for a trip short or long. 

1. Start following Tokyo Dandy on social media well ahead of time. Read old posts on Instgram. These guys know what is up. 
2. Stay at Palace Hotel or have high tea. Try the olive tea. Surprisingly delicious. We stayed and rented bikes to ride the perimeter of the grounds of the Imperial Palace. A family still lives on this sacred land in the middle of Tokyo. I cannot get over the true luxury of that. 
3. Be at the Tsukiji Fish Market at 4am. With jet lag this seems possible. We showed up at 6am and were way too late. 
4. When you do arrive at a fish market at 6am, the only this to do is stand in line for sushi! Which we did for 2.5 hours. Crazy tourist? That was all I could think. A friend in Seattle who grew up in Tokyo recommended Sushi Dai though so I was confident. This was our first sushi in Japan and turned out to be the best the entire week. No regrets. Highly recommend. At market. Building 6 (look up to see numbers). 
5. SHOPPING! Find Cat Street in Omontesando. Oh! If you are larger than a small, do not plan to shop for anything other than jewelry and handbags. #notkidding My new favorite Japanese brand I discovered is Undercover by Jun Takahashi. Quirky and cool. Very distinct. 
6. Find an S&M bar even if it isn't your thing. Totally mainstream in Japan. Think of the visuals in manga and anime. Rose Bar is Fisher-Price, my first bondage bar. 

Rose Bar Tokyo Japan dining