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Along with the change in prosperity in the roaring 20's, also came major changes in fashion. As women began to enter the work force fashion started to shift from the restrictive clothing of the past. Coco Chanel came across wide legged trousers during a trip to Venice. The practicality of these pants amazed the fashion world and the Palazzo Pants became a Hollywood staple in the 1930's. 

They remained center stage throughout the 40's during war efforts. Everyone was wearing the high-waisted, hip-hugging pants with the flared wide bottoms. That is until women drifted away to a more fitting pant that expressed their femininity. 

However, the 70's brought them back with the hippie movement. Women were daring and carefree, rebelling against the mainstream. The exaggerated bell-bottom flared trouser gave an impression of a devil-may-care attitude with the intention to shock. Bell bottoms, as they became known during this time, defined this decade and each following thanks to iconic influences Elvis Presley and Sonny & Cher. Currently, designers such as Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta and Donna Karan have  reinvented this style with pleats, a shorter hem or cuffed hem and paired with fabrics beyond silk and denim such as leather! 

Today's fans include Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe (duh).
- Alli Luna

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