Wardrobe Strategy Opener

Seattle Met Fall Fashion

What is better than launching fall with The Allison Collection? Seeing it done proper justice in the pages of a magazine! Laura Cassidy closed out her 8 years at Seattle Met with a fall fashion feature in the October issue that epitomizes her impact on this city's fashion scene. And in her words, THE SKIRT in tartan was the shoot's "wardrobe strategy opener." Styled by Laura and photographed by April Brimer (the other April in Seattle!), this is exactly APRIL PRIDE is about: Style for a life dressed up and dressed down. Get it? GET IT!

The founding collection of works line the walls of the Frye Art Museum as a backdrop for the shoot. Anyone who has visited my own home can see how perfectly this speaks to my personal aesthetic and what I see for APRIL PRIDE.  Paired with Golden Goose sneakers from Lambs Ear Shoes and Jean Paul Gaultier mesh turtleneck and a Ji Oh available at Butch Blum. Autumnal Awesomeness indeed. 

Seattle Met October 2014