White drop crotch pantsuit
White tailored outfit

There is just something about the color white. Its crisp, clean quality exudes elegance and a sense of free spirit, which is actually ironic considering it takes considerable amounts of effort to keep your whites bright (read: stand as still as a mannequin and don’t even think about drinking red wine). This is probably the very reason that the history of the color white is associated with innocence, perfection, new beginnings, and of course--weddings.

Many people recognize Queen Victoria to be the most well-known woman who started the tradition of white bridal dresses. At the time, royal brides typically wore heavily brocaded colored dresses. However, Queen Victoria wanted to wear a lavish and luxurious white dress to communicate how wealthy her family was and how secure her leisure class life was. After her wedding, etiquette books turned wearing white at weddings into a tradition--changing bridal wear into the beautiful white garments they are today.

Despite the fact that some people believe white is reserved for weddings or the summer, I am all for wearing white at any time of the year. White outfits are easy to take from day to night while still maintaining a feeling of freshness and lightness. I think the key to having a white moment akin to Marilyn Monroe is really committing to a full white outfit. (Shop the White Twill Dress No. 1 we are down to our last two!) There’s something about wearing all white that gives off a sense of class that is different from any other color--whether it is a white dress, jumpsuit, or pantsuit. Just don’t ever wear white to a wedding if you aren’t the bride. Nobody wants an angry bride on their hands… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

-Anna Choi

White dress