Goodbye skinny jeans! It’s time to fit your legs into something more spacious, and more liberating. We are now entering the blissful age of the wide legged pants. As usual, once we get too comfortable with one style, fashion decides to embrace the polar opposite. As fashion got tired of being loud, it got comfortable with normcore, as fashion got tired of being tight; it is now embracing looser tailored cuts. To me, your wides are all about whether they hit that sweet ankle spot or slightly brush the floor; or maybe whether they rest right on your hips or streamline your waist. This season, we see all types of wides, but the most prominent trend are wides that give you a formal, working woman finish.

Korean fashion has arguably been the driving force for many recent fashion trends, from New Balances to the thick brow. But this season, Korean fashion has inspired us to embrace the formal wide. Low Classic’s Fall 2015 exemplifies this silhouette with a beige ankle hitting wide. The high rise slims the upper body and defines the waist while the hint of ankle elongates the leg. Martin Grant in his Resort 2016 collection absolutely masters the chicness of the floor sweeping wide. The epitome of businesswoman elegance is displayed through a black trouser that cinches at the waist and is wide enough to envelope any shoe. The image is powerful and absolutely fashionable.

It’s time to push your skinny jeans aside a get and explore a different way to express your figure. This silhouette is absolutely in and it’s here to stay a while.