A collection of playlists curated by AP + friends. 

A dozen tracks from artists performing at Seattle's Decibel Festival 2013. 

Remixes of Summer 2014.

Songs from each performer of Seattle's very own
Capitol Hill Block Party.


House. Dance. Down Tempo. Electronic.
Offer, you know, a charge.

The first official release from AP curated by KEXP deejay Tim Betterley. A showcase of the current sounds from bands in the Pacific Northwest.  

A song from each of the top 50 albums of 2013 as ranked by Pitchfork employees. 


Music for a sunny day.
Or a day you wish to make sunny. 

Songs from a 2013 Vanity Fair spread that featured top pics from various artists including Questlove. (Note: terrible choices were omitted.)

A soundtrack for a good night. Trust me.