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Thanks to The Green Tent - a new concept launching at O'Cannabiz in Toronto June 7-9 - I will impart my learnings as the creative founder of Van der Pop during a 1-hour branding workshop.

The Green Tent is the brainchild of a collective of Canadian women recognized for their countless contributions to the country's cannabis industry. Conceived after a shared experience walking the male-dominated cannabis trade show floor, The Green Tent (TGT) is a space for meaningful networking with women who work in weed. 

Next Friday, June 7 at 11am EST, I will walk through a branding exercise of A COMPANY SUBMITTED HERE to identify its DNA (brand nucleus, 4 pillars, target consumer). Why? Great DNA is more than skin deep. Beyond its logo, a brand must understand what it is and why that matters to who it serves. This is how Van der Pop continues to deeply connect with our community!

The 1-hour workshop will stream LIVE on the IG Stories of @aprilpride @vanderpop @camptgt - and more!

Conditions for entry:
+ Brand must be founded and based in Canada.
+ Brand must be cannabis related. 
+ Brand must be founded and currently managed by a woman.
+ Brand does not need to be present for workshop. 
+ Brand must complete the form below.

Deadline for submissions is June 5, midnight EST.

See you under The Green Tent - xXx April

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From LinkedIn: An origin story is a story about how your company came to be. It includes details like why it was started, when it was started, how it was started, who started it, where it was started, etc. Essentially, an origin story is a brand's most precious story, the one upon which all future stories and events are based.